Diane Mahín (b. 1993) is a Dutch-Iranian performance maker and sociologist. She makes performative worlds in which sound and image are the driving forces. Working with sound reflects her desire to be faced with highly subjective, confrontational and immersive forms of reality. Diane scrutinizes the human body as a material object in order to dissect social constructions, as she wishes to grasp their absurdity and humor. Death and nothingness form the underlying motives of her work.

Alongside her individual practice, she makes performances with her brother Manuel Groothuysen under the name of FADAT.

After her studies at Goldsmiths, University of London and Maastricht Institute of Performative Arts, Diane is currently exploring operatic principles within her practice at Sandberg Institute.

2024 Sandberg Institute MFA re:master  opera
2024 Maastricht Institute of  Performative Arts MA Theatre
2019 Goldsmiths, University of London MA Visual Sociology
2017 Utrecht School of the Arts Preparatory Course Fine Arts
2017 Utrecht University BSc Sociology
2017 Utrecht Universtiy  BA Liberal Arts and Sciences
2016 University of Califonia Santa Barbara [USA] Exchange Program

01.2024    Director: GUT, Boring Festival, Haarlem
12.2023    Sound Designer: The Politics of the Armed Lifeboat, RADIUS, Delft
10.2023    Director: GUT, KIKK Festival, Namur, BE
09.2023   Director: GUT, Zaal 3, Den Haag
04.2023   Director: GUT, Rewire (Proximity Music), Trixie, The Hague
03.2023   Director: GUT, Club Huis, Het Huis, Utrecht
01.2023    Director: GUT, Come Together, Frascati, Amsterdam
12.2022    Director: a divine aversion to DYING, co-created with Just van Bommel, Beginnings, Frascati, Amsterdam
11.2022     Director + Performer: For a Long Time Now, co-created with Manuel Groothuysen, Performance Night, Z33, Hasselt
09.2022   Director + Performer: For a Long Time Now, co-created with Manuel Groothuysen, Amsterdam Fringe Festival
07.2022    Director: GUT 4, Over het IJ Festival, Amsterdam
05.2022   Director: GUT 3, Theater Kikker, Utrecht
04.2022   Dramaturge: One from The Heart, directed by Just van Bommel, Zaal 3, The Hague  
03.2022   Director + Performer: For a Long Time Now, in collaboration with Manuel Groothuysen, The Spectrum Space x Instrument Inventors The Hague
02.2022   Assistant-Director: CRISPR, by Davy Pieters, Theater Rotterdam
12.2021    Director: This Connection of Everyone with Guts, Winternights, Maastricht 
07.2021    Director:  I think it’s a good thing that you came here, Zeecontainerprogramma Over het IJ festival, Amsterdam 
07.2019    Director: moulding moving growing gulping, Sociology is Not a Complete Knowledge, Greenwich West Community & Arts Centre, London, UK 
02.2020  Exhibition: Postmortem Recordings: Expocafé Zamen, Amsterdam
12.2019    Exhibition: Postmortem Recordings: Intervention during ‘De Laatste Aai’, Museum Tot Zover, 
11.2019     Exhibition: Postmortem Recordings: Museum Night Amsterdam, Museum Tot Zover 
05.2019   Exhibition: Postmortem Recordings: Things to Do When You’re Dead, Cambridge City Crematorium  
04.2019   Exhibition: Postmortem Recordings: Residual Matters, Goldsmiths, University of London