Over het IJ Festival, Amsterdam [NL]
Image by Julia Schmitz

In the performative installation I think it’s a good thing that you came here  you will spend time with your body. In this one-on-one experience, an obscure but friendly figure guides you in this intimate exploration.

‘’There is nothing here,
There is nothing here,
There is nothing here,
except your flesh.
your insides.
your guts.
Does that feel good?

Concept, director, design Diane Mahín
artistic mentoring Alexandra Broeder, Hilda Moucharrafieh 
creative technologist Abel Enklaar
audience guidance Mitzi Beesemer, Just van Bommel, Tabor Idema
production Over het IJ Producties 
special thanks Bart van den Eynde, Anne de Loos, Tanja Elstgeest, Pablo Fontdevila, Erik van der Paardt, Joost Maaskant