Winternights, Maastricht [NL]

The performative installation This Connection of Everyone with Guts facilitates a collective experience of the body as material. Those who participate in the installation will be aurally immersed in the complex soundscape that the human underbelly has to offer. Sound that normally takes place from the private space of a human body now becomes part of a common space. The bodies participating in the installation will act as instruments that come together in a transcendental composition. Are traces of the infinite to be found in the finite body?

concept, composition Diane Mahín
compositional coaching Rutger Muller, Alberto Granados Reguilón
with thanks to SoAP Maastricht, Selm Wenselaers, Anneke Tonen, Alexandra Broeder, Juliana Spahr, Bart van den Eynde, Anne de Loos, Erik van der Paardt, Toneelacademie Maastricht, Stichting Over het IJ Producties, Performance Technology Lab