GUT 4 is an encounter with three inside-out bodies. The thin line between life and mortality comes to the forefront in a visceral and auditory performance. Death and nothingness form the basis of the work of the Dutch-Iranian sociologist and artist Diane Mahín. In her five-part project regarding gutsounds, she delves into the complex soundscape of the human abdomen. Last Over het IJ Festival, the audience entered into an intimate ritual relationship with their own inner sounds. At this festival she presents the fourth part of GUT. Mahín sketches an evolutionary science fiction of three bodies whose guts are intertwined with technology, simultaneously connected and dissociated. Channeled by cables, a raw reality takes over and composts the ego. As an ode to sensory experience, we are confronted with the materiality of the body.

concept, direction Diane Mahin
performers Asya Deinekina, Manuel Groothuysen, Erik van de Wijdeven 
dramaturgy Elowise Vandenbroecke 
artistic advice Fabián Santarciel de la Quintana 
light design Diane Mahín, Bram van der snel, Erik van de Wijdeven 
technician Bram van der Snel
scenography Diane Mahín, Silvana Hurtado Dianderas 
production Over het IJ Producties, VIA ZUID 
supported by Brand Cultuur Fonds, Janivo